Holiday Goodies/COOKIES

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Holiday Cookie Platters

You'll find only the finest ingredients available in these cookies! 

Just to name a few products we use in all your "goodies"...

Butter from the grass-fed cows at (Kriemhild Dairy Farm), unbleached flours, chemical free, naturally dried sugar, certified Natural or Organic Eggs, plus many local ingredients from our surrounding counties!  Such as Honey, Maple Syrup, Herbs & Spices, Vegetables and Fruit, Cheese, Coffee, Ferments and Meats

$40.00 (5 1/2 dozen) approx. 3 pounds  

Holiday Cookie Platters include the cookies listed below. 

Individual kinds of cookies are available begin at $16.00/#


Fudge Roll     Linzer raspberry tarts    Almond Paste with cherry   Caramel Walnut Diamonds

Lemon Basil winks (green)   Cherry winks  (red)  Anise winks (white) 

Gingerbread people  Jammin' mini rugelach tarts, Orange Melt-aways    Chocolate Spice balls

Chocolate Tarts   Gooey Raspberry bars   Almond shortbread Cresents   Walnut Butterballs

LaceyTuille truffle sammies   Date roll    Peanutbutter-fudge puddles, 

Roasted Almond Chocolate chip Biscotti (mini cut)


Pre-Orders are advised for all your events and special occasions! 

Please call 315-264-1481 to place your order  

Pick-Up is available at several Farmers' Markets and Center Street Market 106 Center St Canastota, NY 13032



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